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Hoodie Ban Proposed On Sacramento Light Rail

July 9, 2010

I think I would like Sacramento. It seems to me to be a middle-class blue collar town in California of all places. However, I like to wear hoodies on occasion.

Hammond, who sits on the Regional Transit board, suggests following the Arden Fair mall’s lead by banning people from wearing sweat shirt hoods over their heads.

[Sacramento Bee]

I can understand this, the same way that I understand Philadelphia’s attempt at banning white tee shirts. Do I think that someone who keeps their hood on is being shady? You betcha. Do I think that kids in gangs wear a white shirt uniform of sorts to have the back of a fellow member when he commits a crime? It’s a fact.

Both of these proposed dress codes operate under the idea that it will be easier to identify the perpetrator when a crime occurs. When it comes to public transportation, I often think, how hard is it to catch the guy? He’s in a tin can with anywhere between two and twenty witnesses? And then I remember.

Is crime on light rail a serious issue? Some say yes. Others, no.

However, no dress restriction will help prevent crime on light rail or on the streets. Hell, it doesn’t even help prevent issues in schools, trust me. I went to a school that, while it didn’t have a uniform, had a restricted dress code. Damaging shit still happened.

Instead of focusing on profiling riders, like we’re in Arizona or something, I think the focus should be turned to response times and public service announcements encouraging riders to stand up for one another. Unfortunately, that’s just as unrealistic as a dress code.


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