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The right to pee

June 30, 2010

Monday, at the MARTA board meeting, some crazy showed up representing the Unhappy Taxpayers and Voters, aka local tea baggers. She made a public comment to the effect of, “Now I can’t pee? The hell you say.”

For starters, if you’re a Christian organization, why are you cussing at the board? I’m just saying.

Secondly, you’re complaining about bathrooms? You’re asking how a system that serves half a million people can not offer bathrooms. Do you really want to pee with 500,000 other people? Ew. Just ew. I love transit, but like I’ve said before, transit is dirty. I have used the restroom at Five Points, but that one is meant for riders. The other restrooms on the system were intended to be used by employees, not us everyday folks.

Most systems across the nation don’t offer restrooms for public use. MARTA was created to give you a ride around town, not a powder room. And when you spend your time complaining about them closing bathrooms to save money, you’re losing focus of the bigger problem here. The fact that MARTA is cutting bus routes, raising fares, and it’s employees haven’t had a raise in three years. Cost of living increases, folks.

Due to the overwhelming cry of people who can’t appear to hold their fluids, the new budget will leave nine restrooms open, including Bankhead, College Park, Doraville, Edgewood, Five Points, H.E. Holmes, Lindbergh, Indian Creek, and North Springs.  That could have been someone’s job.

Seriously, folks, pee before you leave home.

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