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It’s A Shame About Ray

June 29, 2010

Several months ago while riding MARTA to school I met a young man with large feet and an enormous pair of gold-rimmed Ray-Bans.  I immediately hated him.  Not because of the feet or the sunglasses but because he was sitting in one of the seats designated for people with disabilities.  A blind, homeless woman boarded the train asking for food and money and Ray-Ban refused to get up as she was looking for a place to sit down.  He didn’t even bend his legs so that the enormous feet were no longer blocking the aisle.  This was the first time that I actually went up to someone on the train and explained to them that those seats were to be saved for the elderly or people with disabilities.  I felt really good about myself for days.  Ok I’m lying it was more like months.  I taught someone a lesson.  I was like the Compassion Police.  I was on fire.

Guess who I saw today on the train sitting in the seats designated for the elderly and people with disabilities?  Because I was sitting perpendicular to him, I could see that behind the Ray-Bans he was wearing a pair of prescription glasses.  It was as if he was screaming “I will go to any lengths possible to look like a douchebag.”  I wondered if he would remember me if I got up and told him that he shouldn’t be sitting there.  I really want to know if anyone else out there has ever presented a lecture to a complete stranger on the importance of thinking about someone other than themselves while riding public transportation.  Maybe I’m just that crazy lady who breaks out in hives when faced with selfishness and people who answer their phone with “where you at?”

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  1. CCTgirl permalink*
    June 29, 2010 10:49 am

    Who needs shades on the MARTA train, anyways? “Ah, the glint off that grill is blinding me, bro.”

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