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Help Me Find a New Helmet!

June 29, 2010

As I wrote on Craigslist:

Looking for a simple, round, solid colored open face/three-fourths or shorty/half helmet, sizes Small or Medium. Exceptions to solid color can be made for sparkles, floral patterns and the like, but I’d prefer something that’s not “sporty” in design, and moreso “cute” or “girly”. (If you had a girlfriend that used to ride with you, but she took off with that dickhead bartender never to be seen again, I want her helmet.) Visor not needed. Obviously, I’d prefer a helmet that wasn’t in a crash that involved a collision to the head.

I’d like to pay no more than $50, but am willing to negotiate a bit. I can also trade for my too-big size XL matte black helmet (images below) with removable (and removed in pictures) darkened 3-inch visor, and two forehead vents. The helmet has a small rash of pock marks because I use it as a carrier/purse when I’m not wearing it and sometimes swing it into shit. I promise I will treat your cool helmet better.

If interested in trade/sale, please send pictures of the helmet, your price and your location. I can pickup/trade in town or pay extra for shipping through PayPal.

Seriously, you guys, this thing looks really funny on me.

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