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Amtrak Packing!

June 29, 2010

One of the perks of having a blog is having a captive audience that you can ask favors and advice from.  Like help That’s MARTA find a helmet and tell me what to pack.  I mean, seriously, what does one need to go cross-country on Amtrak?  Because left to my own devices, I will pack everything I own.  You never know, I may just need that sewing kit but I will, without a doubt, need that fifth pair of shoes, two sweatshirts, and shopping bag.  Bags.  Whatever.

See, for those who don’t know already, I live in a shelter.  By live in a shelter, I mean I’m a shelter manager.  But for all intensive purposes, I live here.  In fact, I’m writing this post, right now, in the shelter.  Amazing, I know.  I am a psychologist and I stay overnight at a women’s shelter four nights a week, and I have developed this compulsion to have everything I might need with me at all times.  I don’t get to my own home very often.  So I live like a packrat, with 99% of my stuff in a car.

For example, I cart around a blanket, pillow, and an Ugly Doll with me to the shelter so I can have some creature comforts.  I take it home with me when my work week is over.  Now I’m trying to figure out if I should take them on my trip.  It’s not like I’m sleeping in a hotel, I’ll be sleeping on a train.  I know they provide pillows and blankets, but I can’t imagine that they’re as awesome as my simulated down pillow, fuzzy blanket, and Jeero.  But I can’t cart all that crap to LA and then back on the airplane.  Can I?

So my iPod’s loaded up with all the coolest new tunes and I got an amazing iPad so I can be sure to have plenty of books and check my e-mail and take notes at the training I’m going to.  I’m taking my MARTA cross-stitching project, of course (more to come later….), do I need anything else?  Cards in case I make a new friend?  That really interesting book I bought before I got an iPad?  All my Sierra Club stuff?  Pictures of my family, One, Two, and the MARTA Rocks girls?

What about snacks?  I need snacks, right?  Not like I can go to the store and That’s MARTA said the commissary car is expensive.  I should take all that Via that my mom buys me.  And French Vanilla creamer.  That’s MARTA said to bring soda.  Then Nancy was talking about beer tonight.

What about baby wipes and and those Cottonelle tushie wipes and other non-shower related freshen up products?  Who am I kidding, I camp and goes days without showering, is a train that bad?  But then there are other people around who may not like a stinky CCTgirl.

I have to pack my cellphone and iPad charger.  And a water bottle.  And a coffee mug.  And my camera.  And my video camera.  And the chargers for those.  And the tripod.  And sunscreen.  And a bathing suit.  And my makeup.  And what about my taser?  And clothes!

Someone help me!

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