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Dear Chairman Bannister

June 28, 2010

I hear you’re in a pickle, because you got pickled. All’s good and well until you take your preserved self out onto the road in a personal four-wheeled vehicle (and one belonging not to you, but the county!). Perhaps, if Gwinnett had opted into MARTA, you could have safely ridden home with a few other good-time guys. Many MARTA buses are still running, even at the late hour of 9PM, the time of your incident. Please, once (if) you return to the office, ask your county to reconsider opting in, as us city people generally aren’t nearly as dangerous as inebriated drivers on the road. It is possible that, if we had your residents’ extra cents, this situation could have been avoided entirely.
This public servant service announcement brought to you by MARTA Rocks!

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  1. CCTgirl permalink*
    June 29, 2010 10:47 am

    Dear County Commissioners –
    See why you need transit? Drunk on the roads, bad. Drunk on MARTA, hugely successful. We’ve all tried this one out and can attest to its popularity. In fact, we got a mildly successful blog out of it.


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