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June 23, 2010

It has been a busy few days for us here at the MARTA Rocks! camp.  AC started school and I conned That’s MARTA into helping me move.  Have I mentioned that I hate moving?  HATE.  Worse than a dentist hate.  Worse than getting my big toe chopped off with a dull butter knife hate.  The sort of hate that means I ain’t doing this again until some man makes an honest woman of me.  Until then, I’m holed up in 500 square feet about two miles from the Chamblee station.  Dear MARTA, please don’t cut my bus!

Speaking of cuts, there was a board meeting Monday.  I was busy moving and unpacking.  However, the board disagrees the change to an 11.5% cut as proposed by staff and have sent them back to the drawing board to make more cuts.  Atlanta’s now looking at 30% cuts once again.  And people were complaining about the bathrooms….

In other news, yours truly got second place in MARTA’s Dump the Pump blogging competition.  The contest was fun, the prize much appreciated, and the other winners were amazing.  Their blogs were phenomenal and we went for drinks after the award ceremony.  I had a blast.  If you go to the MARTA website, it’s up there somewhere.  I, however, embarrass easily, so I’m not posting it here.

We’re also officially  That’s right, we’re legitimately you’re Atlanta Transit Authority.  Whoo!

And I was interviewed by the paper.  A real paper, too.  All the way from Massachusetts.  The Worcester Telegram and Gazette came to Atlanta to talk to folks about CSX.  CSX is planning on expanding a yard up north similar to the Hulsey and Fairborn lots here in Atlanta.  They wanted to know about the yard’s impact on the environment and the neighboring communities.

Sadly, they didn’t get the scandal I think they may have been looking for.  Environmentally, freight trains are better than 18-wheelers running up and down the interstate and part of Cabbagetown’s appeal is the industrial look of the area.

But they did take this awesome photograph.  Foamers, eat your heart out.

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