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I <3 Amtrak

June 16, 2010

A little while ago, or more like two months at this point (man how time flys!), I asked One if we could do something fun on the weekend.  He asked what I had in mind.  I said I don’t care, surprise me.

Surprise he did, though I had a good guess and That’s MARTA! kinda let it leak (after I figured it out on my own).  One took me Amtrak camping.

Amtrak camping is something that he invented.  It involves taking the train to somewhere, alight at your destination, walk out of town and camp.  Get up in the morning, get on the train, and head back home.

I’m pretty sure this is a city boy foamer version of camping, you get trains and don’t need to build a fire, cook on said fire, or actually know how to camp.  All meals are served on the train, there’s a restroom at the station, and all you need is a sleeping bag.  I, the camping girl, brought a tent.  He was fascinated by the tent, and happy to have it since it got into the 40s that night.  He had made fun of me for bringing it, but trust me, it was worth it.  I’m all for sleeping under the stars.  But it should be 60 before you cowboy it up.

I loved it, though.  Every minute.  Well, maybe not that minute where we hid from the passing train in a ditch to not be discovered trespassing, but I’ve never had crawfish etouffee while camping.  One wouldn’t let me sleep in a box car for fear we’d wake up somewhere different.  I didn’t really see that as a problem. 

Now, however, I have a severe hobo romanticism.

Here are some videos of the trip:

Here comes our train!

Abandoned by the train.

Coming back into Atlanta, passing through Buckhead.

I’ve taken trains abroad before, but not Amtrak.  I’m hooked.  I hate airports and I hate driving, so I’m pretty sure trains should be able to take me everywhere I want to be.  So at the beginning of July I’m going cross country, and taking Amtrak for a huge chuck of that.

I’m driving to Dallas with my girlfriend who’s moving 😦 and then taking the train from Dallas to LA, spending a couple of days in LA, and then heading up the coast to San Fran on another train.  I’m so excited, I wish I could leave tomorrow.  I know what you’re thinking, I’m only doing this because I’m retarededly in love with One, but no.  I’m also retardedly in love with the train, thank you.  So look for some blogs sometime this year about the trip!  And maybe I’ll get to play on some more cable cars.


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