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Slate’s Hive: Nimble Cities

June 14, 2010

Slate has recently introduced a collective wisdom series called The Hive which takes suggestions from readers on how to make a specific issue better. The first Hive was focused on home energy efficiency, called “The Efficient Life,” with Hive author Daniel Gross contributing a personal aspect to some ideas as he tested them in his own home. One of my favorite proposals, because I’m an urban-elitist asshat, was living in an urban environment.

Well, hear ye, hear ye! This new Hive series has to do with improving urban transportation!

Maybe you’re the one[…] who, in a moment of pique or boredom or inspiration, suddenly envisions a better way of managing the commute[…] And then you want to tell the world, or at least the taxi driver or pub companion who’s stuck listening to you, all about it.

I have to interrupt my Slate quote at this point to say: I’m not the one, but I live with the Bus Nerd. This is my life, and I am this companion.

Here is your chance. […] We are asking you, essentially, to become transportation hackers (and we’re talking not simply cars but the whole of urban and interurban movement). We are looking for your best ideas.

Are you excited? If you’ve got an idea, submit it to Slate. I’ll be checking on the series as it progresses, sharing some of my favorite ideas here.

ETA: Slate’s links are often wonky. If you can’t link directly from here, it’s still worth going to their main page and doing a quick search. I’m pretty sure this series will be a feature that’s easy to find.

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