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May 27, 2010

(Hopefully, some of you know what that means. And it has nothing to do with your boss peering over your shoulder.)

The AJC headline on the front page: MARTA may cut Braves Shuttle

Again, I say SFW. (Dude, seriously? It was kindof the point of a relatively shitty 1994 movie. Anyway.) The rest of the article is much more important than the precious Brave’s shuttle:

In addition, about 400 of MARTA’s 5,000 employees would lose their jobs.[…] MARTA originally projected its deficit to be $120 million for the fiscal year that begins in July. But with the cuts and the added revenues, it will be $69 million.

Wow! ONLY $69 million in the shitter!

Anyway, for those who are truly/only concerned about the shuttle, here’s some help:

According to Google Maps walking directions, it will take you 20 minutes to get to the park from Georgia State Station. Routes 17 and 55 run down Hank Aaron Drive, and 97 lets you off near the parking lot (and original field).

Sure, if you stay for the extra innings, you might miss the last bus back. So, just don’t do that. After all, you can always read about the game the next day at AJC Sports.

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