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San Fran – Part Duex

May 12, 2010

My first morning in San Fransisco I bought a MUNI passport so I could be sure to get my transit fill.  For $20 you can get a three day pass.  The cable car is $5 a pop and the street cars and trolleys are $2, so I figured this was a pretty good deal for someone who thinks it’s their mission to ride everything possible.

San Fransisco has an awesome street car system.  The street cars run along the F line, from Market to the Castro and the wharf, so it’s more of a tourist line than practical.  The cool thing about the street car is that San Fran has collected old cars from around the world to run their line, rather than by new ones, so it’s a living museum.

Philadelphia, circa 1938
Kansas City
San Fran 1960s
There are talks of Atlanta buying old street cars as well for our line, if it ever happens.  Apparently, if you can find them, they’re cheaper.  I think it’s a wonderful idea and I am for it, give Atlanta some class.
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