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Streetcars and Light Rail?!?!

May 6, 2010

The Marietta Daily Journal is reporting that Cobb County could have light rail as early as 2019 along Cobb Parkway, from Cumberland to Town Center.  How suburban, they’re going to connect the malls.

This project is estimated to come in at $2 billion, and they *hope* to connect to MARTA at some point.  Really?  Y’all need to vote to join MARTA and this would actually have a point.  You could have a line from downtown to KSU, which makes better sense.

And in other news, there’s another round of TIGER grants coming up that MARTA and the city intend to apply for to get some funding for the street car.  Maybe, in light of the new legislation, we’ll have a better shot.  O, but the bill only provides funds for 10 years, which is a tad bit shy of the 20 year minimum.

I hope Cobb County isn’t intending to apply for those funds as well.  We need a unified region, not a hodge podge of lines that go nowhere, except to malls.


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