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Don’t engage the crazy

April 29, 2010

That’s always a rule of mine, don’t engage the crazy.  This means avoid the nutjobs on transit at all costs.  Don’t look them in the eye, don’t talk to them, don’t acknowledge their existence.  It’s really easier this way, most crazies will just move on.

Well today the crazy got the better of me.

I hopped on the train headed westbound to go downtown to a meeting.  At Decatur some older gentleman with brief case boards and then gets really confused when the train announces that the next station is Indian Creek (i.e. westbound for you folks that don’t have the system map memorized.  You better get on that, there will be a test next week).  Flustered, he says, “O!  I’m on the wrong train!” And as he turns to leave the train, the doors close.  Another lady and I assure him that he’s on the right train, that the announcement system was off.  I, of course, went on to explain how it gets me too, sometimes.  I think the trains are out to get me.

Said older gentlemen continues talking to me, telling me he’s new to town and MARTA and how he’s still learning.  Of course, in my continuing search for good blog material, I asked him why he’s decided to take MARTA and he says some line about how when he flew in he rode it to the VA and it was nice.  As he’s talking, he proceeds to tell me how he’s retired and moved here and found a real nice shelter on Peter’s Street, a mission.  Then he proceeded to ask me about where I go to church and tell me about the church he’s found.  And as our visit was done, he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Today’s Lesson?  Don’t let the brief case and clean older fella fool you, crazy is out there, and it will find you, despite your best avoidance strategy.

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