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Mean People Suck, Part Infinity

April 12, 2010

Dear Atlanta,

If you are riding the train and a person with a visual impairment who is accompanied by a seeing-eye dog attempts to board, please let him walk through the doorway. This may involve thinking about someone other than yourself for a few seconds and finding a spot where you and your good vision could get to quickly, no longer blocking the entrance and/or the aisle. Better yet, perhaps offer some appropriate guidance such as, “sir, the first seat to your left is free” or “all of the seats next to the door are taken, but there is a pole for you to grab onto about a foot to your right.” Finally, I suggest that if you don’t have an actual disability, maybe you should get off of your lazy ass and let someone who is impaired to the point of needing a service dog sit down. Having nine children under the age of three doesn’t make you disabled, just stupid. So grab the stroller and move out of the way before I move it for you.
The AC
P.S. – MARTA, maybe you could actually program the pre-recorded announcements on the train to accurately describe the direction in which the train is headed, or I don’t know, something crazy like getting the names of the stations and/or the lines correct. I hear that most blind people can’t read and it might make their lives easier if they didn’t get themselves to the Southbound platform at Midtown only to be told that the train that they just boarded is headed to Doraville and the next stop is Lindbergh Center. Thx.
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