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April 12, 2010

I have been swamped, and I have a lot to catch up on.  I have hours worth of video to figure out what to do with, the legislative session resumed today with 7 days left to come up with some transit solutions, and One took me Amtrak camping, plus another photo shoot last night.  So until I can get my head straightened out, this is what I saw at 8:10 AM Sunday morning on the 110.

That’s right, they were eating a plate of spaghetti on the bus.  Ever hear of that rule, no food or drinks on MARTA?  I can see sneaking a chip, or a closed coffee mug (I have been known to do such a thing, that 7 AM commute is a tough one!) but a fricking plate of spaghetti!  That’s ballsy!

I will have to say that was the most entertaining bus ride I’ve ever had.  It may have been the tired delirium from just getting off Amtrak after catching the train at 6:15 AM after packing up a camping site, but these people were crazy.  I think the 110 on Sunday mornings may be where it’s at.  A drunk couple got into a fight (yes, at 8 AM on a Sunday), and some young couple decided to head off with spaghetti couple to smoke some.  This was after I got to listen to this woman talk about how she’d take off her cast and break her arm again to kick someone’s @$$.  I’m not sure whose, hoping it wasn’t mine.

Crazies always come out in the off-peak hours.

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