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"Subway Series" Is NOT ART

April 11, 2010
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Me and many transit nerds in Atlanta were excited about some MARTA exhibit going on in Castleberry, so I just had to find out what exactly was up with that. So we went on Friday, before getting balls-out drunk.

Here’s what was up with that: NOTHING YOU COULDN’T DO YOURSELF. In fact, if you have used a camera phone to take a picture of a stranger on MARTA, the looks of whom you found funny, creepy, trashy, or they were asleep… Well, you deserve a gallery show!

The images showed riders… riding. These pictures were taken (mostly) without permission, which is an invasion of privacy (Not legally, just creepily. Though it is illegal to sell a picture of someone without their permission.). Some stared at the photographer, by extension, staring at the viewer. However, if you’d ever ridden MARTA, you know that kind of thing happens all the time.

The audacity of someone from another city (he does this shit in his hometown, too) to come here and do something anyone is capable of, it’s just fucking beyond. This is a problem with “art” to a large extent: Nothing is really new or original.

Okay, look, I’m an artfag. I go to dance parties in galleries, and I too know how to use my camera phone and photoshop. We could wax philosophical for hours about what makes art, but to simplify, my opinion is that a photograph is art when it makes people feel. By this definition, many would consider “Subway Series” to have struck them as art. Fuck those people.

Also, fuck the gallery for even showing this, and fuck the “artist” whose “works” were also on display. The display that consisted of pictures of graffiti in abandoned buildings, pictures of real art, pictures that I also happen to own because (I know this is hard to believe) other people have been there, done that! (I take back these words if the photographer is also the graffiti artist, however, the “collection” also contains a picture of an abandoned building around the corner from my apartment, a picture I also have taken, so I really fucking doubt that.)

Side note on the origin of “Subway Series”: It refers to the World Series games that matched the National and American Baseball league teams of New York. You took the subway to the games. (Oh, and what do Chicago Cub’s fans and Sox fans have in common? The red line. Tee hee.)


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