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I went shopping!

April 2, 2010

OMG a girl goes shopping.  SO blog-worthy.

Actually, I bought myself a camcorder.  I was going to get one of those Flips, but when I went to look at them, I found an incredibly awesome JVC HD 60 GB hard-drive camcorder with all sorts of fancy bells and whistles on clearance for the same price as the Flip, so guess what I now own?  It’s amazing, and blue, and pretty much the coolest thing ever.

So why am I blogging about a camcorder on a transit blog?  Cause MARTA gave me full access to film in and on and around MARTA.  As a part of my being discovered by for my awesomeness and adoration of all things MARTA, someone suggested I be able to film my misadventures.  Now I get to pretend I’m some sort of special and post to the MARTA YouTube channel.  I have no idea what I’m doing, but this awesome camcorder features one touch uploads to YouTube.  So at least whatever I do will be easy.


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