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Clayton County Should Start Rioting

April 1, 2010

It is official, CTRAN is DOA.  I’m curious as to why the news covered it all day yesterday, but I haven’t seen anything on today.  AJC, 11Alive, you have failed me.  I want a story about who went to work today and who didn’t.  How many employees were no shows at the airport?

Last night the news covered how churches were rallying to offer rides to folks and how Chariman Eldrin Bells, the only commissioner to vote in favor of CTRAN, rode the last 503 bus out of the airport last night.  The 503, from Hartsfield-Jackson into Clayton, was the first route for CTRAN.  The airport abounds with low-paying jobs, the type of which bus riders favor.

I wonder how the airport might suffer when it’s employees can’t get to work in the wake of CTRAN’s shutdown and MARTA’s cut backs?  And why hasn’t the airport come out in support of our local transit services?

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