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Your Weekly Transit Photo Blog!

March 19, 2010

 To begin this week’s transit photos, let me introduce you to The Preacher.

The Preacher may be one of MARTA’s most notorious crazies because he is a rush hour commuter crazy.  This fella doesn’t hide in the obscure hours, oh no, he’s on the train during prime time to tell you all about how no one can judge you but God and that God will take care of you and give you jobs you don’t deserve if you trust in Him.  The Preacher is always dressed colorfully and talks non-stop.  If all else fails, he is consistent!

Spotted on the side of Ponce, while waiting on the Number Two.  Pretty sure it’s part of the old Streetcar lines.  One says it’s a guy wire for an electrical pole.  I’m think I’m right.

MARTA has taken a stance on population control, and I’m proud of her for it.  Myself, I’m more into the zero-population growth theory, but I have to give MATRA props for coming out in support of the idea none-the-less. *

Y’all know I’ll buy anything kitchy and train related.  It used to be that I bought these things for One, sort of as my way to thank him cause he has this impeciable ability to not let me pay for anything.  Ever.  Then I just started buying it all for me.  So the other night, Two and I went to Octane on the Westside and a local artist, Brooke, has an exhibit of collages up.  They are adorable.  Then I saw the train and immediately had to have it.  But it was sold.  Of course.  So I took a picture of it on my phone and e-mailed it to her begging for one of my own.  So, of course, Brooke was so willing to oblige.  So this is my custom made Loco Train, which I think is very fitting for me.  Sorry for the craptastic photo, it’s my cell.  But head on down this weekend to check out her show, there are some great pieces (like an adorable sloth) and you should e-mail Brooke for your own awesome train.  Support local artisits!

* I know MARTA’s not really pro-population control.  I am, and this sign makes me laugh.  Particularly after riding the Number Two after a drink or two.

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