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Proposed CCT Cuts

March 17, 2010

We know MARTA is facing some severe cuts from bus miles to service hours and staff, but how are other transit systems in the region fairing?  Of course, on Wednesday, March 31st, C-TRAN will straight up stop running, and in a little over a year, GRTA will be all out of funding as well.  So where does that leave my namesake, CCT?

CCT seems to be doing a little bit better than most due to it’s conservative management.  They’ve purchased some new buses and have added a new route, the 35, which started in January.  But that doesn’t mean they aren’t looking at cuts, either.  CCT recently announced proposed cuts to the 40, 65, and 70.  They’re not going to kill these routes, just reduce the reduce the number of trips in the case of the 65 and 70, and redirect the 40.  I can see why they’re redirecting the 40, it will actually increase CCT’s coverage of Marietta and those areas they are cutting out will still be served by other routes.

On the other hand, the reductions in service of the 70 and in particular the 65 confound me.  CCT is proposing to cut the mid-day service to these routes during the week.  Out of these two routes, the only one I’ve ridden around on is the 65, down Roswell Road.  This is one of the main roads for Cobb County, and it’s the only route that services East Cobb.  This is one of my buddy’s daily routes to work, and he says that while it won’t really effect him, around ten folks get on it with him in the mornings.  I guess he won’t be making any daytime errands, though.

For the 70, this means that during the day, there won’t be any service to the Wal-Mart in Powder Springs, nor the Department of Driver Services or the Cobb County Health Center from 8:30 until 4:00.  These seem like crucial service (yea, yea, people need groceries, folks, and medicine).  You’re still be able to get to the hospital, but that’ll require taking the 35, which means, if you live in Cumberland, you’ll have to go all the way to the MTC to catch the bus.

There are still community meetings regarding these proposed changes, and you can find out about them by going to CCT’s website, but I actually couldn’t find them, I had to ask:

CCT Public Meetings

There’s also a comment period open until April 27th.  You can e-mail your thoughts to the CCT manager, Rebecca Gutowsky.  Remember, be nice.  The angry people at these meetings who yell and won’t listen and aren’t constructive drive me bonkers.

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