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March MARTA Musings

March 17, 2010

So CCT Girl recently pointed out to me that it’s been quite a while since I posted anything. I would really love to say that it’s because I’m so busy with school, and that’s partly it but it’s mostly because I have recently found other ways of channeling my proclivity to procrastination. For example, I have a test tomorrow which is going to cover quite a range of information. But CCT Girl bought me some very fancy-pants eye makeup for my birthday (complete with lesson performed on the back of her hand). That was on Sunday and I have yet to properly apply said makeup and let her know how it went. I think that’s on the list just above cracking a book. And then there’s my new phone. It takes pictures and you can send them to other people like right away. I don’t really need a phone that does this, but apparently the Jitterbug is the only device on the market without this feature.

The other, bigger reason why I haven’t posted much lately is that CCT Girl is a responsible blogger who keeps herself informed on all things MARTA and strives to disseminate her acquired information to others. I don’t really have the drive, the contacts, and the time to stay in the loop like that. She has a lot to say and I just like to bitch. About Breeze cards, why MARTA hates pigeons, why I still don’t have any street cred despite commuting to Five Points four days a week, people making out on MARTA, how men on MARTA talk to each other about women and how we “all are” right in front of me like I’m some kind of asexual cyborg, and why the Mansell Park and Ride needs more publicity so that I don’t have to be a one-woman shuttle for family members who need to get to the airport (don’t worry, I still totally make their asses take the train from North Springs, but it would’ve been cool if I had known a while ago that I could tell them to use the Park and Ride).
Please understand that I care about the issues. I think that the fact that Clayton County will no longer have bus service is really sad and I feel for all of the people who depend on that system to get to work, get their kids to the doctor, do their grocery shopping, etc. But I can’t remember what Clayton County calls its transit system and I don’t like to take a stand unless I have all of the details. (Yeah, I’m taking a stand but I got a chance to point out my ignorance first, which makes it ok). I think that the budget deficit is very frightening but my political views are a complete 180 from most of the folks who blame the State of Georgia for MARTA’s financial woes. I don’t like getting into arguments, especially of the online, anonymous nature. It’s like road rage. People can get crazy-rude whilst commenting on blogs.
Finally, I have a tendency to ramble and lose my train of thought and completely forget what my point was when I blog. CCT Girl has points. And pictures, videos, stats, charts, graphs and links. So while I’m flattered to be part of this blog, I’m never going to be the kind of contributor that she is. The blog’s new fan page on Facebook (if you’re not a fan please become one immediately, thx) states that the blog is about two girls who are new to the world of transit. I’m kind of like the blog’s flakey older sister who can’t remember Mom’s birthday and leaves the coffeemaker on all day. I figured that I would clear up some confusion about who the other half (which is more like the other 10%) of the blog is. And deep down I know that I’m not supposed to end sentences with “is” but it just gives me a cheap thrill.
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