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March 4, 2010

That’s right.  This is a blog post about bras.  Bras and transit.  I’m pretty sure, it might be the coolest blog post ever.  At least if you’re a transit nerd.

So, how do bras and transit go together?  Are train operators like rock stars and girls through their panties on stage (or, uhm, their little box) to them?  Is it cool to dangle your bras from the poles on the bus like it’s a trashy dive bar?

MARTA might be cooler and more popular if this were the case, and the operators would most likely never be disgruntled, but sadly, no, not really.

But, MARTA’s annex offices are housed in an old bra factory.  I thought this was a very cool fact.  Therefore, I share.

And in other bra/transit news, my favorite bra is the Kennsington by Prima Donna.  It may be my favorite bra because it’s pretty and it makes me feel sexy, but it’s probably my favorite bra because I get on the train at Kennsington Station.  It is also a Tube station.

Why yes, I am that much of a dork.

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