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Cell Phones and Breeze Cards

February 24, 2010
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Last week was an adventure as always, I tell ya what.  First off, I loose my cell on the 10b outbound.  Lucky for me, one thing CCT does do well is lost and found.  I got off the 10b at Arts Center Wednesday night and my phone must have fallen out of my coat pocket.  Sure enough, when I went to get it, there was no phone.  I waited until the next morning, called CCT, and inquired about the phone (at that point, I wasn’t sure where I’d lost the darned thing) and they had it.  Either the driver or someone at the bus yard had found it and was so awesome they immediately turned it in.  CCT, you get a brownie point.

But then, on Thursday, after leaving the Gold Dome, I got to the Peachtree and my Breeze card was DOA.  And I mean DEAD.  When I scanned it, I got nothing.  No X, no beep, no reject, nothing.  The station agent, who wasn’t about to take his time figuring it out, just let me go through.  I had a meeting, so I went on to the Sierra Club office and texted One, who I shamelessly go to with all my transit problems and questions (get attacked at Five Points?  Call One, even though he’s in Boston.  Stranded by the bus in Cobb?  Call One!)  He said something about the antenna in my card breaking.  Huh?  I decided that the @$$holes under the Gold Dome ruthlessly hated MARTA so much the vibe killed my card.

I think I’m right.

So Friday I went to a RideStore to get the sucka fixed.  As I’m waiting in line, a station agent walked up and asked what he could help me with.  I told him my Breeze Card died.  Of course, he asks me if I broke it.  I hand him my card, he inspects it, and of course, nothing’s wrong with it.  He asked me what he was going to get if it worked.  As I thought about it, all I could think was, doesn’t matter, I know it’s not going to work.  I’m a newbie, but not an idiot.  I know how to work a Breeze card (on the other hand, one of my favorite stories is the time some dummy tapped One with her card cause he told her to tap it.  I guess you need to be specific, cause that big ole circle with BREEZE on it isn’t explicit enough).  So I offered up a hug, cause that seemed safe on the off chance my Breeze Card betrayed me.  We walked over there, he tapped, and sure enough, dead.  He might have just stuck his hand up there.

I gave him his hug anyways and went to get a new card.  Twenty minutes later the rude woman handed me my new card back and I was a happy camper.  I needed that for the pub crawl!  As I left, the station agent asked if, “He treated me well?”  I suppose he treats me well, assuming MARTA would let him out of his cage every once in a while.  That, however, was not my response, which was simply, “Yes.”

Homeboy said: “Well, you know I was gonna have to ask for your number if you said no.”

Yay for new Breeze cards and getting hit on!

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  1. Lynn permalink
    July 10, 2013 7:52 am

    I can sympathize with you about that freaking breeze card not working. That’s why I don’t load no more than 2.50 when I get on the bus. Unlike loading your card at the vending machine at least you get a receipt and if something goes wrong with the card I can dispute it.


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