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Snowpolozia 2010 Part Duex

February 15, 2010

For the second time this year Atlanta was ravaged by a blizzard of epic, life altering proportions!!!  (O noes!)  We got 3 inches!!!! (And you doubt global warming?)

I think Atlanta came away better off this time, I didn’t hear too many reports of MARTA buses sliding around and I made it home safe, but my date with the AC was canceled.  Darn snow!  So we’ll reschedule our transit misadventures for later.  Maybe Tuesday.  If I fell spry (or crazy) enough, I’ll take the bus to Boulevard to a benefit for Haiti a friend of mine is holding (comment or e-mail for info). 

But the highlight of the latest storm to wreck chaos on our beloved ATL was that this awesome fella was spotted waiting on the 37.

I’m in love!  Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!  (Photo taken by, and stolen from, One 🙂

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