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Time for this week’s Transit Pictures!

February 12, 2010

It’s Friday!  Which means…… transit photo op! 

This is the crap that I haul around with me on my transit adventures.  I thought you might be interested in knowing how nuts I am.  The black bag is my daily necessities for the shelter, so it’s clothes, shampoo, etc.  The purple bag is my work/ Sierra Club bag with lap top, and the canvas bag is my horde of Rosetta Stone software that I’m learning.  I’ve decided to really start boning up on my languages, since I just got a new computer.  But that meant installing all that crap on there, hince, the bag.  So I think that’s something around 97 pounds I carry with me on MARTA and CCT.  I’m hard core.  Or nuts.  
This, friends, is an elevator out of service.  That tiny white sign on the door says the elevator is undergoing preventative maintenance.  I’m sure that you guys are aware of MARTA’s little escalator problem, but this is Oakland City.  So elevator, down.  Escalators, down.  Me with my 112 pounds of crap and all the other lazy people, on the stairs.  I think this is really a conspiracy to make Atlanta loose weight!
The bus bay at Arts Center.  Notice the fact that we’re all hiding in the sitarwell and running out when the buses come.  It’s cold out there!  And by cold, I mean 40.  (Shout out to my readers in the DC area!  We are wusses!)
Transit geek out!  This is the rapid bus park and ride that’s being built along Memorial.  I just thought I’d share.  It looks like it may be done soon, but that’s relative.  But hey, it’s paved!
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