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The Lavender Line, for all those Gays in Midtown!

February 10, 2010

The MARTA color scandal has now hit the national news!  And by national news, I mean the Gawker.  Read all about it here:

Who wants kung pao?

Some of the commenters, though, had some brilliant suggestions.  To roll with those, I am suggesting that the streetcar (assuming we get the funds, we’ll find out next week!) be named the Lavender line (through midtown, gurl!).

There were also some fab reworks to MARTA’s acronym:

Moving Asians Right Through Atlanta

Metro Atlanta Rapidly Transporting Asians

I vote for: Moving Asians Rapidly Through Atlanta.  But in all reality, I think it’s kinda silly.  Yes, someone at MARTA should have paid attention (I love y’all, but really, you managed to not name the south or Bankhead lines Black, and that’s a primary color, too) but this seems trival, doesn’t it?  Has anyone noticed if Asians boycott the Yellow wood varnish or what have you?  And I never would have thought that the Yellow line was for Asians, heck, I didn’t even know they lived up in Doraville, I thought they were all on Buford Highway and up in Gwinnett.  But there’s something to be said for perputating stereotypes.  If they hadn’t have fussed, who would have noticed? (or am I the only oblivious one?)

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