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February 9, 2010

For the first time in my commuting life, I bumped into a friend!  I was on MARTA Monday morning when I looked up, and low and behold, there was Jim!  And by friend, I mean, someone I know in real life, before my transit misadventures, not one that I’ve made on the bus or train.  We shared the ride together and caught up, talked about the fun of our work lives.  I love MARTA.

Even if MARTA has its bad days, like when it decides to single track on the North/South line, such as on Saturday and Monday, making me late.  I don’t take it as hard as Two, whose response was, when I texted him inquiring of his whereabouts: @ home, plotting my revenge against MARTA.  Sometimes it happens, folks.  (Two does understand this, he just gets exasperated easily :p)  And you know what, it’s going to happen more if something doesn’t change.  I’ve heard grumblings that these single-tracking days may be a pre-service cut way MARTA is trying to save a little bit of money, cause it’s rough out there for transit.  The other morning I heard some people complaining about MARTA CEO Dr. Scott’s announcements that we should expect some fare increases, or possibly the transition to a distance based fare structure.  I say bring it, because I support MARTA and what it needs to do to keep my happy butt, and half a million other happy butts, out of cars and off of the roads Georgia loves so much.  And WMATA in DC is talking about raising fares so that some rides will be more than $5!  We don’t have it so bad, y’all!  So find that Mansell Park and Ride and get on the train!

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