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Bus Girls

January 12, 2010
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When you ride the bus for an hour, you get to know the folks on the bus with you.  That’s two hours a day sitting in a small metal box with folks, and the ridership on express buses is pretty consistent.  Like my new friend, CV, was saying yesterday, there’s a community among transit commuters. 

Yesterday I rode with Tesan and we discussed the finer point of life in a shelter.  I have always thought I have an epic commute, but she wins.  Tesan lives on the West End of town, so she gets on a bus to an east bound train at HE Holmes, to transfer on a north bound out of Five Points, to Arts Center to catch the express bus up here to where we work.  Total commute: nearly 2 hours.  Distance from home to office: 8 miles.  And she is as super nice and friendly as can be while doing it!

This morning, Keisha and I both missed the 8:05 10b, so we were riding the 10 and the 50 together.  She is not as big a fan of MARTA as I am, and definately not the CCT.  This morning she lost her Breeze card, so she went to the Ride Shop at Lindburgh to get it replaced (register that thing if you haven’t already!)  MARTA gave her a new card with the value immediately, but CCT told her it would take up to four days!  Craziness!  Speaking of which, I called Monday and I did finally get my refund from that whole bus incident in November.  I had to call, cause that woman she didn’t let me know.  It posted in December, so total time to  refund: three weeks.  Better than I thought it would be.

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  1. January 12, 2010 10:29 pm

    I am afraid my mass transit experiences have yielded no friends. Then again minding your own business in New York is a survival skill, that and the fact I am not an attractive woman hurts.

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