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Transit themed dinners continued!

January 11, 2010

I get hosed.  A lot.  The two main men in my life are slightly obsessed and I get drawn into it.  Nearly every Sunday the three of us, One, Two, and myself, go out to dinner.  Do I get quaility one-on-one time?  No.

So this Sunday, I suggested the Brake Pad.  My coworkers had told me about it, but they could have warned me.

The fricking bar is beside the fricking railroad tracks. 

One and Two rode MARTA and then their bikes (it was 18 degrees outside!) to the joint, where I met them.    Then we sat there and waited for trains. 

While I’m being slightly witchy, it was actually pretty cool.  Apparently, a CSX museum train rolled by.  One dubbed it a museum because of all the ancient hoppers (ps I knew that they were called hoppers before meeting One and Two, because of a children’s book, but we don’t need to discuss that!) that were included, some from rail companies like the B & O and Family that haven’t existed in decades.  I was informed that the nickname for CSX is Chicken Sh*t Express because they have such crazy old, never painted cars.

However, the C in CSX has something to do with a railway kitty.  Which I think is a perfectly good argument as to why One needs to foster my kitty.  I mean, if kitties like railways, then One has to like kitties, due to his obsessive nature with all things rail.


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  1. January 11, 2010 3:01 pm

    I am attempting to keep my mind out of the gutter from the whole "foster my kitty" comment. I hope you appreciate the restraint.

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