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FulCo Trespassing

January 5, 2010

The Sunday before Christmas, since I was still in the ATL, E and I went out exploring our new ‘hood.  And by exploring, I mean looking for a Home Depot and Publix.  Yea, we’re hard core.  So we were driving down Cascade and saw a sign that beckoned for us, calling our names, saying, “Come visit, see me, I’m lonely!”  Of course, we immediately turned and headed for that welcoming land.  What land, you ask?  What wonderous place begged for our attentions?

The Fulton County Railway, a CSX yard.  We are quickly growing into our transit geekery.  It’s contagious, you know.

(ps – yea, we totally made fun of them for the awesome parking lot paint job :p)
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