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It was Kroger water, too

December 14, 2009

Later today (or sometime, let’s be frank here) I will write a post about how my lovely room mate and I both ate MARTA floor this morning (and not together, mind you.  PS She’s taking it way harder than me, I’m kinda like, o well.  She’s kinda ticked.) but until then, have you heard of  It’s kinda like, but takes place on transit – imagine!  Anywho, the ATL is wonderfully represented:

At Least He’s Honest

Which brings me to a story from last Thursday night on the train.  There was a dude, selling water.  I know, dudes sell stuff all the time, but he was the best darn salesman I’ve ever met.  I mean, if I owned a company that sold stuff, by golly, I would hire him.  I mean, that man could have talked me out of my last dollar for frozen bottled when it was 10 degrees outside (maybe I’m exaggerating on the temp, here, but I tell you what, I bought water just because he was SO good!).  Some of his awesome salesman tactics were:

“Buy my ice cold water, guaranteed to make you a billionaire!  And if it doesn’t, then come back here and I will guarantee that you can buy another ice cold bottle of water!”

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