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I should be in control

December 10, 2009
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I like transit, really, I do.  And last night, when I got off the train to go to a campaign kickoff for a Jason Carter in Decatur, it was really awesome to see one of my clients from the shelter getting on the train.  It was a moment where I could relate to her more, since she had been really upset when her car had been repossessed and she had to start riding MARTA, there’s this solidarity, “I’m on the train with you, too.” 

But then mornings like this morning happen, and I’m not MARTA’s biggest fan.  The train, the 105 eastbound, to be exact, was having technical difficulties.  They couldn’t shut the door.  Every stop, the doors would bang and then open again.  Which, besides being annoying, made us late.  So late that we missed two northbound trains out of Five Points.  So late that I missed the 10b.

I love the 10b.  It’s my favorite thing about this commute.  The bus is nice, the folks are nicer, we’re like a community.  You get to know one another because  we’re a regular crowd, all the office people going to work in the mornings and home in the evenings. 

But besides that, if I miss the bus, I am hosed.  I have to catch the 10 to CTC and then wait 15 minutes for the 50 when it’s cold has heck this morning (37 degrees, to be exact, yay smartphones) and then take that bus to Powers Ferry and walk to my office, where as the 10b drops me off at the door.  And none of the cars stopped to let me cross the road.  What happened to pedestrians having the right of way?

Someone should make me the mayor, or govenor, or queen or something so I can make these people mind!

O well.  To make us all smile, here’s a couple of wierd transit news stories:

Lawn mowers no longer qualify for the HOV lanes

Somebody needs to tell those horse buggie fellas downtown not to stop off at Elliot Street before their shift!

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