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Day Tripper

December 9, 2009

I desperately want to shut down my computer. I have been working on a take-home final since 8:00 and I’m ready to call it a day. But I just remembered that in the aching, tedious, I’m-not-wearing-matching-socks-because-I-can’t-find-any haze of finals I learned an important MARTA lesson that I need to share. People: Don’t buy day passes. Because they are only good for the number of days that you pay for. Yeah, I know that this probably makes sense to the majority of you. But for the other kids out there who got moved to the front row of Mrs. Baldwin’s first grade math class for never grasping the pie analogy, this is for you. For us.

Despite my obvious deficit of reason, I am a graduate student. I ride the train to school and usually buy a student pass from the University for $37/month. But I only have to go down to campus 4 days this month and even I know that purchasing a student pass doesn’t make financial sense again until January. So on the morning of December 1st I bought a 4-day pass. To me, this equaled 4 round-trips. You get up, you go somewhere, you go home, it’s a round trip and you start over again tomorrow. Not in MARTAville. My pass, which I swear was something like $22 because they included a charge for the plastic card on which my money was loaded, expired on December 4. After I had used it twice. Because it expired after 4 CALENDAR days, not 4 round-trip sensical days of logic. Unless you are a tourist or a participant in a corporate-sponsored scavenger hunt with some guy named Doopey (this happened) don’t buy a day card. Buy a trip card. Or better yet send me one since I’m out fourteen bucks.
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