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Mondays on CCT

December 7, 2009

Mondays mornings are never good, and this one was no exception.  Laura was late to relieve me, so I was rushing to the train station.  I got there barely in time for my train, which was running a minute late.  Because it was running a minute late, I had to run to the north at Little Five.  Had I not and missed that train, no 10b for me!

The 10b is such a lovely bus, and much better than the 10.  They have nice luxury coaches for the 10b, with cushionie seats that recline, and the bus driver turns the lights off, and we’re quite, and guess what?  We inevitably fall asleep.  So I dozed off this morning and woke up right before my stop.

But I forgot to press the stop requested button.

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