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I fing hate CCT.

December 7, 2009

So its 9:07 and I’m on a 10 outbound to Arts Center. I had a teleconference this evening, so I was at the office late waiting for it. Turns out only one other person called in, the others scheduled couldn’t make it. Then it was the damned bus incident. I haven’t had dinner and my toes are freezing, these shoes weren’t built for warmth. I could have waited 30 minutes for the next 50 to CTC and prayed I made it in time for the 10, but ran across the street at One’s recommendation for the other 50. Then this 10 was late, and to think, I was afraid I was going to miss it. I’ve now been at this commute for one hour and fifty minutes, scheduled to arrive at MARTA at 10. Estimated arrival at the shelter, 10:45. That makes my commute three hours and twenty minutes. I am so writing a letter to CCT. A bus that runs hourly should not be early!

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