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The Thursday Commute – Part Two

November 16, 2009

As I was leaving the office to go to the bus stop, I got a phone call from the Accidental Commuter.  Yes, we talk almost daily for hours like we were back in middle school, so how is this one different?  Well, for the first time in ages, I was actually able to convince her to have dinner with me.  See, if you haven’t caught on yet, the AC is in grad school, and for those of you who haven’t signed up for that torture, it kinda rules your life.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that part of the rules of grad school is that you can have no life outside of grad school and the only friends you can have while in grad school are from your program.  You may be allowed to intermingle with people in other grad school programs, but only twice a semester.

But she made time for me!

And that meant taking the train more north than I had ever gone, all the way out into the suburbs, all the way to Dunwoody!  Field trip!

I’m pretty sure that it’s a completely different train, actually.  A totally different transit system all together, different clientele (People in business suits!  With brief cases!)  and the station, whoa man is it nice!  (PS – Hey MARTA, why they got fancy enclosed waiting area while those of us at Kensington gotta sit out in the cold?  Huh?)

All jokes aside, it is a different world.  Granted Kensington is no Garnett but it is heavily used by a rougher group of folks and is a little intimidating at 10:30 at night (I mean, the MARTA PD have a robot thing out there, sky tower, whatever, I still think it’s meanacing).  But not to devalue AC’s transit adventures, she ends up at Five Points, coming back at night!, and we all know how I feel about Five Points.  But it was a trip to see how the other half, in their fancy smancy houses in the burbs live.

Dinner was awesome, the company was phenominal, and the ride back was an experience, to say the least.  The were single-tracking the east bound line.  For those, like the AC, who don’t know, single-tracking is when they run both lines, inbound and outbound, on one track.  I know, who would have thought?  But they do this when they are working on the track or soemthing to that effect.  This means, however, that we got to sit a King Memorial for 20 minutes while we waited on the train coming in from Candler Park.  Thanks, MARTA, for making me late to work!  O well, Laura’s here on Thursdays and she never leaves on time, anyways.

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