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Nascar is for suckas

November 13, 2009

Someone, who shall remain nameless, save for the moniker ‘Annoying One’, asked me why I don’t write about other modes of transportation, such as biking & running.  I promised to do one, who knows why.  Well here, dear sir, is said blog.

Running is not a mode of transportation.  Running is for suckas.  Transportation gets you from point A to point B for the purpose of doing something important at point B, like going to class or to work.  Running is in circles for the point of exercise.  Circles, like Nascar.  Nascar is also not transportation.  In the end, you’re not going anywhere.  You don’t run to class, or the office, or the doctor’s.  Unless you’re late, which either means you’re a sucka, or riding CCT (which probably also makes you a sucka).

But in all seriousness, while I told the Annoying One that my blog is about me riding the bus, all alternative modes of transportation are key to making this a happier, healthier place to live.  The Annoying One does ride his bike a lot, which is great for a college town.  But whatever you’re doing, you should get out of your car and find yourself an alternative mode of transportation once a week.  Except running.  Don’t be like Nascar.

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