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How to Hijack A Transit Blog: A User’s Guide

November 12, 2009

I can’t sleep, despite the fact that I have been looking forward to going to sleep since my second cup of coffee this morning. Lately I have had the type of insomnia that should make the people over at Ambien look into sponsoring me. Kind of like how Jenny Craig keeps paying actresses to lose weight. There should be some kind of Courtney Love Celebrity Pro-Am Sleep For the Cure Fun Run and I should be their spokesperson. Anyway, since I can’t fall asleep I started thinking about some of the things that I have a responsibility to cover as an invited guest blogger.

I think that part of the reason that cctgirl decided to start a blog about public transportation in Atlanta was to encourage people to actually start using it. Before I started taking Marta to school I had a lot of questions about safety, customs, etiquette, etc. It was intimidating. Here’s my top five of what I hope will be a running list of tips and tricks. Please feel free to add your own.
1. The sideways seats next to the door are for the elderly and people with physical disabilities. Please don’t sit in them unless you qualify. I have reprimanded complete strangers for this.
2. You need to swipe your Breeze card again at those little double-door thingies to make them open and let you out of the station. Don’t push on them, it doesn’t work and people will laugh at you (or so I’ve heard…)
3. Please, please, please let people get off of the train before you try to board. All my life I thought that everyone knew this but I have been proven wrong over the past few months. People who ride public transit in cities all over the country are able to observe this rule. This is the South, we invented good manners. We should be setting the example.
4. Escalators and stairways are kind of like roads. Slower traffic should stay on the right side. The left side is for passing and people in a hurry.
5. You can let people who you don’t know sit next to you.
I hope that this helps and maybe even encourages some of you to ditch your car for a day and ride public transportation. It makes you feel good – kind of like recycling minus the big piles of trash in your home.
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