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They see me riding Nerdy

November 11, 2009
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The Accidental Commuter called me a nerd, something about having a transit blog and listening in to the high-speed rail webinar.  She’s just jealous she’s not as cool as me, so she gotta mooch off my blog.  Whatevs.

But did anyone catch that webinar? (Like you’re gonna answer if you did, you readers but non-commenters, you).  I have to say, as a newbie to this transit community, it was a tad overwhelming.  Especially the dude who showed us what it takes to construct a track for very high speed rail.  But what I did catch were some survey results (I’m a statistician, afterall, I like surveys.  I really am a nerd, aren’t I?)  The survey said that, given the availability of high speed rail in the US, 54% would take it for trips, as opposed to 33% who would drive and 13% who would fly.  Do you really think America is ready for a rail culture?  Would you choose rail over air or cars?

Comment!  I know you people read this, now let me know what you think!  Please?  Pretty please with a cherry on top?  In fact, I will randomly draw a name from those who comment and send you a present.  It will, in fact, be a transit present.  It may also involve cupcakes if you’re local.

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