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Transit themed dinners!

November 10, 2009

So Sunday night I had the obligatory date night with One and Two.  I’m getting rather used to being the third wheel.  But this time we went to the Old Spaghetti Warehouse on Ponce.  I had never been, and truly, it’s a very good restaurant; but my yummy cheese spaghetti is not why I’m writing, this is a transit blog after all, not a foodie one.  There’s a street car in the middle of the dining room.  I was informed, a couple of times, that it is not a real street car, but somebody seems to have done their homework, because they got the name right on the side, the Atlanta Street Railway Company.  (PS, did you know Wikipedia has a time line of mass transit it Atlanta?  I wonder who we can thank for that?  looky see!)

But I have to laugh at the adorableness of the transit boys, because one of ’em (I’m trying to not call them out too much) ordered his dinner based on the route going down Ponce, the number 2.  That got them into a discussion of what they could order if the place was located somewhere else in the city.  I can barely remember what bus takes me where on the CCT, and these two know the whole stinkin city by heart.

I feel so inadequate.  I need to hang out with the AC more, except she always has to do something for grad school.  She should have done transit planning too.  I’d be willing to bet that traffic signals is way easier than physics of the vocal system or whatever it is that she’s taking.

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