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Thursday Morning

October 29, 2009

You may think I’m crazy, but commuting in like this actually helps me have better mornings! I get out of the shelter at a good time and I love the routine it forces me into to catch the 10b. I drink my coffee and relax while watching the sun rise. I’m falling in love with this whole transit thing and it reaffirms everything that I love about the city. I think that coming into the city from Kennsington may be the greatest view of Atlanta, the morning fog over Oakland, the pink tones of the sun through downtown, Atlanta really is an awesome place to live. And of course, my most favorite view, the mists of the Chattahoochee in the mornings as we cross over it. And it’s fall now, so the leaves are changing; man, I don’t think it could get any more gorgeous than it is down here! Granted, Atlanta has her issues, but we’re not focusing on those today! And, I really like the regular bus driver for the 10b, now that I’ve got the knack of catching the fool thing. She’s really nice, and funny. Today she called out a guy who tried to sneak past her without paying. It is an awesome day!

Storytime! Boys, you can stop reading here, it’s only my musings. 😉 Lillian, the Russian co-director of my shelter, remarked this morning how European it is of me to commute to work. While true, Europeans are more transit friendly, this made me think of something that I’ve noticed. These transit boys that I’ve come to find myself surrounded by seem to gravitate towards whatever transit girls they can find. M. married a girl from France and Erik Steavens at GDOT, his wife is from Germany (I think that’s what he said), so obviously they went the European route. Two’s ideal girl would be car-free, like him, and R.’s wife has the L map tattooed on her arm. My advanced degree tells me this is a noticable trend. That’s what us psychologists are for, studying patterns in human behaviors. :p Maybe I should start a dating service.

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