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Alphabet Agencies: GCT

October 6, 2009

Ahh, Gwinnett County.

Yep. Another GCT (Gwinnett County Transit) bus had an engine fire last week. It’s been a while, flaming suburban tin cans. We missed you. Sorta.

Much like the 1970’s public transit opt-out by Cobb County, the initial fear of public transit in Gwinnett appeared to be linked with crime/poverty/black people.

From a 2002 New York Times Article:

“One of the worst fears is bringing people out of Atlanta, the minorities,” said a Gwinnett County commissioner, W. J. Dodd, in 1990, a few days before 70 percent of his county’s voters rejected a proposal to join the city’s transportation system.

From a 1989 New York Times Article:

“They’re pretty much against it, at least in my end of the county,” said Commissioner Curtis McGill of Gwinnett County. “A number of the people who have moved into the south end are transplants from DeKalb County, and a lot of them feel like Marta ran them out of town.”
“Without being obvious, people say that ease of transportation would bring in ‘the undesirables’ and crime,” said the chairman of the Gwinnett County Commission, Lillian Webb, who has advocated at least a trial run of MARTA buses.

Nonetheless, X-Press GCT buses began running in 2001, with local service arriving right on time/thirty years late in 2002. Now, apparently the Gwinnett Place Community Improvement District (GPCID) along with MARTA are seeking alternatives such as light rail to Gwinnett through the Gwinnett Place area. With a statement like that, you would think Mary Norwood lived there.


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