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Nerdiness Measure: After

September 25, 2009

See the first part of the measures here.

Waiting for the 137, he saw a CCT coming over the horizon at Northside Drive, in the middle lane. Eager stares, followed by the bus passing, followed by bitching about closed-door policy, and how CCT and MARTA don’t cooperate. (+5)
During CSI: Miami, the season premier which outlined how the team got together and how Horatio got his sunglasses, typical stock footage of Miami was shown, including an elevated heavy rail rolling through some part of the city. “Hunh.” (+1)

Transit terrorism is in orange alert. Arts Center was shut down, and buses were running crazy style off route, trying to move people. How are you doing? “Today wasn’t a particularly good day, but I’m glad I do what I do.” (+?)
While watching the sweeping panorama during the 70’s masterpiece “Earthquake,” he points to the tiny dot of a bus on the television screen. “Los Angeles.” (+1 for self-awareness and mockery)

Worked late. (+10, just because.)

We headed up 12th street, toward the bank and Piedmont Park. The bus stop that was called in on the first day of this test was still there, hanging lower than ever, which he pointed out. (+5)

On the way to an event, the 110 broke down at Arts Center. The operator and supervisor gathered at the rear of the bus, clicking a bunch of stuff. What’s that supposed to do? “There’s a (secret) engine switch (somewhere) back there.” (+5) I asked, but the fact that he had an answer is worth some points.
After switching to the train and taking the 44 to my destination, where we split up for a while, we managed to catch the original operator, now on a new bus, when we headed each way. I love it when that happens!

The week was relatively uneventful, only earning a score of approximately 27. Good job, planner dude.

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