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Nerdiness Measure: Before

September 21, 2009

It’s often said that you can take the planner out of the office, but you can’t take the office out of the planner. To prove this, I turn to my handy-dandy Bus Nerd. With only this weekend left on his fur-cation, he’s been trying not to think about work very much, and to encourage him to relax/shut him up, I’ve begun testing him and his chillability. After he gets settled from the road trip, which was practically based around transit-geekery, I give him Thursday morning through Friday night to keep quiet.

The rules are simple: no mention of anything public transit or work related, unless it’s absolutely relevant. For example, he can’t talk about maps or buses on TV, but if he has to catch a bus he can say so. He just can’t report back about the routing, any bus stops or mechanical issues. Each of these infractions is five points. (The positive points are because it’s good to care about your work and have found your calling.)

This is a person who will interrupt a conversation with a random observation about the bus that may have just passed having a cracked side panel. Because he’s already been trying to work on this logorrhea, he’s developed a sortof grimacing facial tick when he holds back. This tic will be noted as well. Each self-censoring tic is worth 2 points.

He also likes to tell me where my crime shows are filmed and how inaccurate they’re presenting the city in which they’re set. How does he know? By the bus in the background. And if anything takes place in Detroit, he will fight you because he loves that place. Each entertainment interruption is 1 point.

First outing of the morning, heading to the bank, he noticed a bus stop that’s falling off the pole and called it in. (+5) He has stared at this bus stop at least twice a week, noting its pitch for the day and guessing how many truck mirror have hit it. Today, it hung too far.
Watching Leno’s new more of the same, a picture of Halle Berry’s model boyfriend is shown on the side of a bus. “Hey, that’s a DC…” (+1)

The weather sucked, so he barely stepped out of the house. The test was unofficially extended to Saturday.

At late lunch/early dinner on the corner of Peachtree and 8th, next to a bus stop, one passes. “Hunh.” (+?) Test unofficially extended to Sunday.

Nothing doing. Final score of questionable 6. I thought it would be better/worse.

Check in at the end of this week for the “after,” which covers 5 full workdays. There should be a much higher, angrier score then.


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