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Bone to Pick: Incorrect Experts

September 17, 2009

I’ve mentioned the transportation writer before. And here I go again. It’s not my fault she keeps getting things wrong. I’d leave it in the comments, but that would net her ten cents or something. Not worth it. My complaints for this week involve the series about tourists destinations which are cleverly interlinked to get more page views. I do this myself, and this post will be full of them.

Once again, in an article about Atlantic Station, the ASS is the only thing mentioned.

Also, the ASS has been boarding in the bus bay for over a month now. Stop recommending it if you don’t even ride it.

For trips to Woodruff she neglects to mention route 110, which is a convenient bus alternative for those traveling from anywhere other than another rail station, since it pretty much mirrors the train line and sometimes lays over at Arts Center.

However, 110 is errantly called the most convenient route for trips to the Atlanta History Center, when the 38 from Lindbergh was rerouted specifically to hit the center several years ago.

There are two routes to Piedmont Park, the 45 from Midtown and 36 from Arts Center, routes she recommends walking, perhaps without knowing those routes exist. While I think taking the bus less than a mile in anything other than severe weather is sheer laziness, I’m not a tourist with a disabled grandmother. You’ve gotta keep the wheelchair grannies in the know.

What the fuck is this comedy crew?

She mentions the King Memorial neighborhood with insult.

And receives this comment, which made me giggle-pee.

Not only because it’s true, but because this is the user name of the stranger known as Frustrated Transit Dork!

It really seems like the majority of her expert advice is from memory of that place she went to that time. All in all, this is a microcosm of people dealing with MARTA. Schedules and maps exist for a reason, but no one uses them, and it causes them to give bad directions in the process. However, the average person on the street who tells you to turn left instead of right doesn’t have a job as an “expert.”

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