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Fur-cation: Savannah, GA

September 14, 2009

From Charleston, we traveled down the Savannah Highway, and some parts of I-95, arriving at our neighborburb hotel in the mid-noon. The (say it with me, now) LaQuinta! was picked because it was on a bus line that went straight into downtown, but it turns out that the 14 stops running at 7 or so on Sundays. Stupid us, really. We should have known better. Instead of risking getting stranded in the garden of good and evil and having to pay for a taxi, we just drove in, parking a little outside downtown next to a cemetery and this little guy.

Bus stops in both Charleston and Savannah are also marked by an orange stripe around a utility pole. Fortunately, CAT (Chatham Area Transit) realized that more is sometimes better, especially when it comes to things like what time the bus arrives and where it goes, so we have something like this.

After visiting a haunted bar I saw on my favorite reality show “Ghost Adventures (Hosted by Douchebags),” we drove out to Tybee Island, and saw this end of the line turnaround on the way back. According to CAT maps, it appears to serve route 10. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture, since we were trying to keep up with the fucking crazy Georgia vacation drivers, but I found it on google. What a strange little thing.

Monday was a good bus day, but we were running on a tight schedule and little sleep, so we only made it on the two free circulators, the DOT shuttle and CAT route 1. DOT (DOwntown Transportation) runs the shuttle, the River StreetCar and the Savannah Belles Ferry (to nowhere but the convention center) and all are fare-free. DOT is run by “Savannah Mobility Management System – a public-private partnership created to help visitors, residents and commuters get around downtown in an interlinked system designed to enhance the Savannah Experience while reducing traffic and parking congestion” and appears to have nothing to do with CAT, but it turns out CAT runs it. The drivers have little patches on their uniforms that say so.

Confusing, I know. But alphabet agencies and the towns that run them usually are.

Hey, look at this freighter!

On the way back to Atlanta, we stopped in Macon for a hot dog. Nothing else to report.

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