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Dear Tech Trolley

August 31, 2009

I don’t understand you. I don’t see what purpose you serve. You make like, eight stops. Across a campus full of students that have cars. Why?

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  1. Patrick permalink
    October 21, 2010 11:09 am

    Clearly, this post is old, but someone needs to defend the trolley.

    Have you ever ridden it? That thing is packed. Lots of Tech students (me) don’t have cars. You realize there are lots of foreign students at Tech, right? And you realize that they can’t bring their cars over on an airplane, right? Also, annual parking passes are around $800, so MARTA comes out much cheaper.

    Anyway, the trolley is essential, used by tons of people all the time, and crucial to allowing thousands of Tech students (who may live on-campus, over a mile away) access to transit.

    • That's MARTA! permalink
      October 26, 2010 12:03 am

      First of all, MARTA has nothing to do with the trolley, aside from the trolley interfacing with Midtown Station.

      Secondly, I have never ridden it, because I don’t go to Tech. But you know what goes to Tech? The #12 bus along 10th Street, and the #1 on Tech Parkway and Marietta, and the #26 on North Avenue. While I have never ridden it, I did get on it once. Me, one other person and some creepy nerd. Too bad that creepy nerd was actually my companion for the evening. We decided to disembark because the bus was leaving before the trolley.

      Lastly, I’m aware that there are TONS of students who don’t drive, of which you are one. There are also tons of students who can shell out the $800 for parking, and from what I have seen, many do. The trolley is a campus circulator, a shuttle service, which can be of value.

      I guess, what it comes down to now, is why you felt the need to “defend the trolley?” Were my few posted sentences that infuriating? Did they come off as just so humorless, or is it you that is humorless?

      • Patrick permalink
        October 26, 2010 10:59 am

        You asked what the purpose of it was, so I answered. What’s so wrong with that? But, really, thanks for making it personal by questioning my sense of humor (!?).

        But, since you brought it up, the trolley runs every 5-7 minutes through the middle of campus, where as the MARTA buses run every 20-30 minutes on the edge of campus. The Trolley is free, MARTA is not. More people ride the on-campus part than the connection to MARTA, but the bus fills up at MARTA during peak hours.

        I’m not sure what about my post made you think I was furious. Maybe you misread my rather lighthearted response.

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